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Dallas Custom TV Frames - How To Measure

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There are (3) critical measurements when ordering a frame for your TV.  All of which are easy to measure.  

Or you can just simply send our Dallas custom TV Frames shop the Make and Model of your TV and We'll Customize a Frame That Will Dress up Any Wall!!

X Dimension:  The overall width of the TV to the outermost edge
Y Dimension:  The overall height of the TV to the outermost edge
Z Dimension:  The depth from the front edge of the TV to the wall
(Please enter the Z Dimensions in the notes during checkout.)

Dallas Custom TV FramesDallas Custom TV Frames


Measuring the actually screen size of the TV….this would become the interior dimensions of my frame
We have to make the frame stick off the wall precisely so that the TV would fit inside.

We offer two different options when it comes to framing your Wall Mounted TV's.  

1. The easy and cheap way is  strapped the frame to the TV itself

2. The other way is wall hung ,  We used a 2×4 mounted to studs and then slid the frame onto it. 

Please explain when you checkout what option you would like with your Dallas custom tv frames.